Atlético Huila vs Tolima en Vivo – Fútbol Colombia 2015

en Vivo Partido de Jornada Cinco por Internet, Atlético Huila vs Deportes Tolima en directo se enfrentan este domingo 22 de Febrero del 2015.

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  1. Nikolay

    Agree. Supremo and Exceslo are often mentioned as the qultaiy Colombian beans while denoting merely the bean size, not the qultaiy of the coffee. The altitude plays a role and is a positive factor counting for the high qultaiy of the Colombian Arabica beans, but what really counts are the characteristics of the beans and those vary and are adherent to lots of specific farms which can be dramatically different from one another. Sellers being in direct contact with the growers have the advantage of being informed of the specific origins and distinguish between origins and lots. Reportedly, the Tolima region IS more safe by now, but I say this based on reports of people who have been there to visit, observe the farms and cup their coffees. Sad that according to reports worsening weather climates have been doing damage to some Colombian coffee crops; let’s hope this will not have a lasting effect on the qultaiy Arabica from the South American country and in turn on the increasing coffee prices in the USA.

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