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  1. Sefa

    that he cant be a profesionall folobatl player because he will never go over the height of 5 foot. one time he wentt to barcelona and he wanted to play for the all mighty catalan team so he had a try put in la masia with xavi,iniesta,pedro,pique,puyol,busquets and valdes. so he tried out at the end the coaches said that he dint make it but one of them said that he would be a great player so they signed him up but the only problem was that he he couldnt afford the traaetment to pass 5 foot they sid that they will pay and messi and his family were gobsmacked by what they had said and as quick as a jiffy he moved to barcelona he started to be very well known at the age of fourteen he became a semi pro and by the age of eighteen he was a pro and and 19 he baegan his career with barcelona they were gobsmacked after he came on as a subtitute they had never seen a folobatl player play for such a great club at the age of 18.despitr only plaing for seven minutes he had two shots on goal and three attempts he soon became recognised by othher great teams but he decided to stick witth fc barcelona.

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